School Board Election Results

Montpelier Public School District held its annual election on Tuesday, April 25th, 2023.

Results become official upon board approval at the canvassing meeting on May 8th.

Preliminary results are as follows.

Thirty-nine ballots were cast.

For Member of the School Board. Two positions, 3-year terms.

Candidate                                         Votes

Scott Harms                                      32

Sharon Jensen                                  10

Kyle Throener                                   29

The following were write-in votes

Daniel Koep                                      1

Eric Schrader                                    2

Lynn Boom                                       1

Scott Harms and Kyle Throener, having the highest number of votes, are elected to the school board for 3-year terms. Their terms begin at the annual meeting in July.

Measure 1: Shall a record of the proceedings of the Montpelier School Board be published in the official newspaper of the district?

Yes         26

No          13