Optional Work

Optional Work is a chance for students to increase their overall point total as well as an opportunity to earn some extra points. It also helps review or give additional insight.

CNN10 – an on-line news program with a quiz every Friday.  If it is not required ANYBODY can watch and take the quiz as an optional assignment.

On-line Assessments – if the Chapter Assessment/Review is available on the books website the results can be emailed to Ms. Leggate as an optional assignment, unless otherwise assigned or stated in class. Links available on Ms. Leggate’s home page.

Below work is intended to go with the corresponding chapter and must be turned in on or before the chapter test for that chapter.

Geography – 7

  • complete the Foldables for each chapter as explained starting on textbook page 805
  • Semester 1: Unit 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Semester 2: Unit 5, 6, 7

Social Studies – 8

Social Studies – 9

  • Semester Two: Online Class all determined by individual class instructors
  • Semester One: TBD

World History – 10

US History – 11/12 (even to odd years)

POD – 11/12 (odd to even years)